Transformers Prime Bumblebee Anime

This is my first what bumblebee really says video where the thumbnail is actually bumblebee on his own.

Transformers prime bumblebee anime. Robots in disguise. Bumblebee soon is assigned to be raf esquivels guardian having grown close to the boy as he understands his language of beeps. I feel so happy.

Animated may be available on your local broadcast station check listings for dates and times. Rocky adam 1523785 views. Retrouve toute lequipe des autobots dans le dessin anime transformers.

Despite this optimus prime bumblebee bulkhead ratchet starscream and soundwave are the only characters from transformers. It may also be available on other platforms online and on mobile devices. Bumblebee appears in the pilot episode of the series responding too late to a call for help from cliffjumper who is captured by the decepticons and killed.

Bumblebee is an autobot warrior and the former scout of team prime as well as the former guardian of his human friend raf esquivel in transformers. When the decepticons constructed an energon drain in an asteroid field bumblebee and the autobots countered it by building a pulsar dish from debris. Prime focuses on the superheroic autobots of team prime which consists of optimus prime ratchet arcee bumblebee and bulkhead.

Bumblebee was a very important member of optimus s team during the great war and was with optimus for the longest out of any autobot excluding ratchet. While the dish was under construction bumblebee and raf could help out by causing more power ups to drift towards the dish. Prime to make a comeback in this new show.

Oh and just an fyi the fart jar is a reference to a previous one.

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