Romeo And Juliet Anime

As juliet prepares to raise her sword against the tyrant whose hands are stained by the blood of her ancestors only romeo stands in her waythe boy she loves and the son of the man she must kill.

Romeo and juliet anime. Before they manage to kill her juliet is rescued by her fathers servants thus becoming the sole survivor of the capulet. Looking for information on the manga romeo x juliet. Falling in love is finding something worth risking your life for romeo x juliet is a romantic fantasy anime based upon the play written by william shakespeare.

She is the last breath of a dying line of kings and the final hope of a city that desperately needs her. The houses of montague and capulet are not on equal footing. Find out more with myanimelist the worlds most active online anime and manga community and database.

Princess tutu on the other hand has many traditional theatrical plays utilized in its storytelling such as cinderella swan lake and a midsummer nights dream. Romeo x juliet draws from shakespeares original tragedy with many alterations made to weave a more grand scale fantasy action show. 14 years later juliet and the remnants of capulets retainers live hidden from the iron fist of the montague family.

In the floating continent of neo verona the montague family seized control and murdered every member of the capulet family with the exception of capulets daughter juliet fiammata asto capulet. Fourteen years ago on the floating continent of neo verona the montagues led a coup against the capulets. Though the anime borrows mostly from shakespeares story the manga adaptation differs extensively from the original.

Romeo x juliet is a twenty four episode anime that was produced by gonzo famous for their work on gankutsuou and saikano and directed by fumitoshi oisaki this was his first major work as a director.

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