Popular Blue Haired Anime Characters

There is so many characters in anime that have this unique color of hair.

Popular blue haired anime characters. Kamina from tengen toppa gurren lagann. 10 konan naruto. 8 wendy marvell fairy tail.

One of the most beautiful and kawaii blue haired girls is definitely soras little sister shiro. Please know that cookies are required to operate and enhance our services as well as for advertising purposeswe value your privacy. Also an heir of the capsule corporation empire.

3 son goku added hinata hyuga. 7 aquarius fairy tail. The world of anime is home to all kinds of characters with unique hairstyles as well as unique hair colors.

Kuroko from kuroko no basket. And unlike the average anime character there arent many blue haired anime girls compared to blackbrown hair. 41 dawn pokemon 40 shiro no game no life 39 jonathan joestar jojos bizarre adventure 38 happy fairy tail 37 rem re.

The labyrinth of magic. With a soul crushing back story. But the story of how ai enma became the hell girl is what makes ai enma one of the most tragic anime characters.

Shall we get started. Not only that she is also the daughter of a great scientist from whom she inherited the love of science. The best anime characters with blue hair 1 jellal fernandez fairy tail.

She is a western girl who is known to change her hair style every once and a while. Theres something special about anime girls with blue hair. 4 shino asada sword art online.

She appears to be invincible at any game even if shes playing against a god. But for those of you who like your anime girls a bit more old school check out this list of the top 20 anime girls with brown hair on myanimelist. Ai enma is one of the most depressing anime characters ever created.

So we created a list to show all the shades of blue we could find. Its an unusual hair color. Jellal from fairy tail.

As well as other reasons im sure youd be able to come up with. If you are not comfortable with us using this information please review your settings before continuing your visit. Shes the hell girl with the power to send anyone to hell for any crimes bad deeds or evil they commit.

2 son goku added juvia lockser. Zero 36 yoshino date a live. Top 10 blue haired boys in anime 1.

Bluma is a very unique female character in the anime series dragon ball. Pink purple orange red. 6 levy mcgarden fairy tail.

Black star from soul eater. Tomoya okazaki from clannad.

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