Good Anime Like Blue Exorcist

Top 10 anime similar to blue exorcist ao no exorcist.

Good anime like blue exorcist. Male protagonists looks kinda similar but one of them is a demon while other is vampire demon and they are strong to begin with but become even more stronger later on. Death not was alright but it got a little boring towards the end. Then blood lad is an excellent follow up to blue exorcist.

If you have some opinion about anime like blue exorcist ao. Top 10 anime similar to blue exorcist. So with all that being said lets grab our exorcist gear and take down the bad guys.

Highschool of the dead i really like this anime but they didnt. This is what i think is the top 10 anime like blue exorcist ao no exorcist. They are quite comedic deal with demon world.

While the comedy is somewhat subdued in blue exorcist by the battles it is only enhanced in blood lad. Do you like your heroes sassy and just a bit vaguely evil. Vote up the blue exorcist anime recommendations you most agree would be good for fans of the series to watch.

Rise of the yokai clan. For our next series well take a look at blue exorcist ao no exorcist. Death noteee i mean this is an extremely popular anime which is my second fave.

This is the remake version of the original six anime like ao no exorcist so if youd like to see our previous listing be sure to check it out below. Suggest some good anime like blue exorcist 1. Then there are characters that are worth it like mephisto the director of the school or the blond puppeteerfellow student who is a character which is surrounded by mysteries should read the manga for that.

Inuyasha inuyasha is basically the story of a dog half demon who is constantly after a jewel. Sword art online is another great anime and even though it wasnt in this list nor is it similar to blue exorcist i still loved it and its one of my favorites to this day. Blood lad and blue exorcist has somewhat the same ring to it.

Blue exorcist is a good anime to pass the time and amusing to watch. Both shows feature great animation that makes the action and comedy you do get all the better. Where things differ is blue exorcist is a much more typical action anime whereas noragami is slower paced and more thougtful especially when it comes to developing the characters and their relationships with each other.

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