Butler Anime Boy Servant

Sometimes these relationships are traditional such as the interactions between a maid or butler with the master of the house.

Butler anime boy servant. These anime focus on a relationship platonic or romantic between a master and a servant. These characters showcase butlers and often the master servant relationships that occur. Kirius rakus lestrine ha.

Complete list of butlers characters. The butler as the senior male servant has the highest servant status. Yukana only shows.

Toujou acts as kyuubei yagyuu s servant and bodyguard. Butlers live to serve. Shown here on the right.

Comedy and fantasy titles sometimes showcase this relationship in. Lets get the obvious one out of the way first. Best master servant relationship anime.

The 16 anime butlers you need to be keeping an eye on sebastian michaelis. They make tea set tables greet guests and make sure the house is in order not to mention they execute their masters requests. Asano nagase and toyogawa butler.

Despite momokas unpredictable split personality where she turns violent when angered paul moriyama remains unconditionally faithful towards her. As the butler of the multi billionaire nishizawa family he is responsible for the welfare of momoka nishizawa.

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