Anime Blue Exorcist Rin Sword

A matching blue scabbard houses the blade.

Anime blue exorcist rin sword. It is sheathed in a blue saya with the same silver handguard as the original kurikara. This is a beautifully crafted replica of kurikara rins sword from blue exorcist ao no exorcist. The blue flames also blaze around other places of his body mostly at the tip of his tail and on his shoulders as well as his sword.

Like rin okumuras sword in the show our functional anime sword replica is made of high quality steel and showcases the beautiful hamon line of the sword in the show. This allowed rins powers to overflow and the sword was no longer able to restrain his demon heart and nature from taking over. Anime sword collection duration.

The weapon of rin from the anime series blue exorcist is the katana kurikara. Kurikara supresses rins demon powers for the first 15 years of his life until his power becomes too strong then he uses the sword to defeat his foes. From that moment on rin not only gains demonic features like fangs and a tail but also the power to ignite into blue flames that destroy almost anything he touches.

As his main weapon in the series it restores his demon powers when unsheathed. Blue exorcist rin vs amaimon full fight. Blue exorcist kouma sword casting.

In his demon form rin gains two horn like blue flames floating above his head long elf like ears and red slitted pupils while his irises remain a deep blue. One day rin learns that he and yukio are the sons of satan. The massive katana blade features carbon steel construction with a highly polished tai chi style guard and cord wrapped faux ray skin handle.

Its made out of high quality metal. Witnessing shiro dying to protect him rin draws the demon slaying sword kurikara which restrains his demonic powers. When he was born rins powers resembling blue flames were sealed within the sword in an attempt to let him live as a normal human being.

Also known as the kouma sword the kurikara is a demon sword that holds rin okumuras heart. The anime katana rins personal blade is the kurikara a demon slaying sword that resembles a katana with a jian like guard. Every time rin removes kurikara from its sheath rin gains ability of his demonic power and nature.

In the anime during rins battle with amaimon during the exwires training in the forest kurikara was damaged and cracked.

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